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We buy unrepaired sinkhole homes in Florida

We are willing to purchase your sinkhole home as is.

Are you worried about your home collapsing into a sinkhole? Sell your home.

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If you are being faced with the long expensive road of sinkhole repair

and you are considering selling your home .

Contact us at 727-259-3232.


We are fast.

  Start over and purchase a new property that is void of the problems associated with sinkholes.

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Discovering a sinkhole on your property

Discovering a sinkhole on your property can  be a very stressful and scary thing. 

If you suspect or have been told there may be a sinkhole on your property, you probably have many questions.

We can answer those questions and give you real answers, tell you about your options, and even offer solutions.

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The most common questions we receive are:

How can I tell if I have a sink hole on my property?

What tests can be done and how much does it cost?

If I have a sinkhole, can it be repaired?

What is involved in repairing a sinkhole?

What is the first step to take?

Should I notify my insurance company and does my homeowner’s insurance cover sinkhole damages?

Do I want to go through the long remediation process?


We have many years of experience helping homeowners through the sinkh...

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